SETI Queue - Increasing Your Search For ET @ Home

This is the homepage of a shell script that I have written for the SETI @ Home project. You probably already know of the project (why else would you be here), but just in case, here's a quick run down of what it is.

All over the world we have these giant radio telescopes pointing into space and recording signals. The problem is though, that funding for these things is hard enough to come by, and finding funding to properly analyze all the signal data is even harder. Also all over the world, are millions of people with their own computers. So why not harness the power of these millions of computers around the globe to help analyze all of this data?? That's exactly what the SETI@Home project does. They divide all of the signal data up into small downloadable units, so that the millions of people around the world can utilize the computers CPU cycles into doing something useful for humanity.

By itself, the setiathome binary will only download one data unit at a time, so this means you would have to be either permanently connected to the net, or have to be constantly re-connecting to get many work units analyzed. That's where my SETI_QUEUE script comes into play. By running the seti_queue script instead of the setiathome binary, you can download and store as many work units as you like. Pretty neat huh?

Just follow the links on the left of the page to get the script and info on how to use it. Enjoy, and thanks for trying my script :)

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Site last updated on October 21, 2002

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