SETI Queue - Increasing Your Search For ET @ Home

Here is my attempt at a shell script that caches multiple seti units on your drive so that you don't have to keep connecting to the seti servers every time you finish a work unit. It's written using bash, so if you're using a different shell, change the first line to represent the path to your shell.

To set this up is quite simple, just copy the seti_queue file into the same directory as your setiathome binary. To run the script:

  1. Open the seti_queue file in your text editor and change the config options

  2. Check the file permissions and make sure you can run the script and that it has full access to your seti@home directory

  3. Kill off any instances of seti@home that are runing

  4. Add an entry for seti_queue to your cron table making it run, say every minute or two To make it run every minute, run 'crontab -e' and add the following: * * * * * /path/to/seti_queue > /dev/null Check out the man page for more info in crontab

That should be all you need to do. If you found this script useful, or you would like to report any bugs or suggestions on how I can make it better, contact me

TO DO List

The script currently has no ability to clean up after changing the number of units to cache. I will probably add this, but the script serves my purposes for the moment.


  • October 19, 2002

    1. Renamed to version 1.1 (I decided the changes were major enough)
    2. Fixed a bug where seti_queue started processing the first work unit it came across. This meant that if you didn't complete all the units before transmitting, you would end up with units that were older than the one currently being worked on. If you never finished all the units before transmitting, you would probably end up with a stale unit, and that would just be a waste now wouldn't it :)
    3. Removed the script and integrated it into the seti_queue script.
    4. Cleaned up the script a little bit.

  • August 6, 2002

    1. Renamed to version 1.02
    2. Fixed some fatal flaws that didn't remove the original work units once one had been completed. This caused the script to endlessly try and keep processing the same unit over and over. Also changed the script for killing seti and runing it with shared memory element for xsetiathome client (ooooh, look at the pretty colors).

  • August 5, 2002

    1. Removed the -graphics flag from seti_queue (due to performance decrease) and added a script ( that will shut seti down and re-run it with the -graphics flag if you wish to see all the pretty colors with xsetiathome :)
    2. This script may give you up to a minute of naughty CPU idleness while waiting for cron to restart setiathome

  • August 3, 2002

    1. Initial version 1.0 release

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